An initial consultation can take up to 1½ hours and will give you the opportunity to talk confidentially about your health issues. A detailed health and family history will be taken during this period, including questions about your symptoms and how you experience them. Homeopaths are interested in you as a whole person and therefore providing as much information as possible during your consultation will help your Homeopath to select the best remedy for you. Subsequent appointments will usually last up to 45 minutes.

All Homeopaths are bound by a strict code of ethics and you can be assured that all information disclosed between a patient and Homeopath is treated in the strictest confidence.

Payments are made per session and are inclusive of most remedies. Herbal preparations may incur an additional charge.

Current Charges

First Consultation adults - £75

First Consultation children - £60

Follow up adult - £60

Follow up child - £45


To book a consultation or for more information
contact Laura Spittall LCPH, MARH

Email :
Phone : 07544 944 367

Fairshot Court
Woodcock Hill